Review of Resource Assessment Information on Small Pelagic Fish Stocks in Coastal Marine Waters of Sri Lanka.




This paper summarizes the resource assessment information available for the small pelagic marine fish resources of Sri Lanka. Almost all the studies available in the literature had been carried out since early 1980's possibly with the development of techniques for tropical fish stock assessment. A summary of the population dynamic parameter estimates on growth, mortality, recruitment, fecundity and sexual maturity is presented with the limited yield assessment estimates. Most of the stock assessment studies are based on the length frequency data collected from the commercial fisheries and assessments have been carried out with various assumptions. Few studies based on age determination using daily growth rings are available. Yield assessments have been carried out mostly using the predictive Thompson & Bell model and assuming localized distribution. A comprehensive stock assessment of the small pelagic carried out recently shows that a marginal increase in yield of small pelagic could be obtained by doubling the fishing effort which would result in low catch rates for individual fishermen and thereby less profit.

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