Some Studies on the Small Meshed Artisanal Gillnet Fishery in the Shallow Coastal Waters off Chilaw, Sri Lanka




Results of a study carried out on the artisanal small meshed gill net fishery in the shallow coastal waters off Chilaw based on a survey conducted from January, 1994 to December, 1995 are presented in this paper. The fishing operations were carried out by traditional log rafts using drift gill nets of mesh size ranging from 20 mm to 51 mm stretched mesh of which the 28 mm, 30 mm and 5l mm being the most common Fishing operations were limited up to 2 km from the shore at a mean depth of 12.07 m (SD=0.73). The total annual productions from the fishery were 332 MT and 674 MT for 1994 and 1995 respectively. Monsoonal changes appear to have some effect on this fishery. Clupeids contributed around 60% (Sardinella spp 53%; Opisthopterus tardoore 4%; Hilsa kellee 5%) to the total catch.


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