Culture of Moina macrocopa Straus using Organic and Inorganic Inputs




Five experiments were conducted over a five month period to investigate the feasibility of using buffalo manure, chicken manure, rice bran plus fish waste, septage and inorganic fertilizers in the culture of Moina macrocopa in outdoor concrete tanks. The loading of 5.7g m-3 and 11.4 g m-3 of buffalo manure, chicken manure or rice bran plus fish wastes( l :2) did not yield a high production. An initial loading of 566 gm-3 of rice bran plus fish wastes (1:2) followed by the subsequent loading of 75.5 gm-3 resulted a higher density of Moina than that resulted with the loading of manure. Exposure to direct sunlight and aeration with the loading of 566 gm-3 rice bran and fish wastes (1:2) gave a high production. Loading of rice bran, fish wastes and inorganic fertilizers with inoculation of Chlorella resulted a high yield of 292.6 gm-3 of Moina.


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