Hook Selectivity of Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis) and Nakedbreast Trevally (Carangoides gymnostethus) (Carangidae) caught in the hook-and-line fishery off Negombo, Sri Lanka


U.S. Amarasinghe, I.U. Wickramaratne and M.J.S. Wijeyaratne


In the present study, an attempt was made to quantify hook selectivity of two carangid species (Caranx ignobilis and Carangoides gymnostethus) which were predominantly caught in the hook-and-line fishery off Negombo, Sri Lanka. As the length frequency data of C. ignobilis and C. gymnostethus recorded by hook size were skewed towards the larger fish, a modification of Baranov-Holt method for gillnet selection was employed. For both species there were positive significant relationships (p<0.001) between the hook size and optimal length while selection range was negatively related to hook size (p<0.001).

Keywords: Carangidae; Hook selectivity; Optimal length; Pelagic fish; Selection Range


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