Volume 23 - Issue 1 - 2018

On the retirement of an eminent scientist in fisheries and aquatic science in Sri Lanka: a personal approach
Upali S. Amarasinghe 23(1):1-2  Full Text [PDF] 

Review Papers
Zooplankton, zooplanktivorous fish and their interactions in Southeast Asian waterbodies with special reference to Sri Lanka: a review
Jacobus Vijverberg 23(1):3-11 Full Text [PDF] 

Heavy use of antibiotics in aquaculture: Emerging human and animal health problems – A review
Pathmalal M. Manage 23(1):13-27 Full Text [PDF] 

Misconceptions of mangrove ecology and their implications on conservation and management
Mala D. Amarasinghe 23(1):29-35 Full Text [PDF] 

Spatial data analysis for the marine fisheries and habitat management of Sri Lanka
D. D. G. L. Dahanayaka 23(1):37-47 Full Text [PDF] 

Fisheries enhancements in inland waters in Sri Lanka with special reference to culture based fisheries: current status and impacts
Jayantha Chandrasoma, K. B. Chandrani Pushpalatha 23(1):49-65 Full Text [PDF] 

Cattle and water buffalo densities wading into small village reservoirs of Sri Lanka impact on yields on the culture-based fisheries thereof
Asanka D. Jayasinghe, J. Arachchige Athula, Sena S. De Silva, Upali S. Amarasinghe 23(1):67-75 Full Text [PDF] 

Life history patterns of some selected endemic freshwater fish species inhabiting two major river basins of Sri Lanka
R. R. A. Ramani Shirantha, M. Jayantha S. Wijeyaratne, Upali S. Amarsinghe 23(1):77-84 Full Text [PDF] 

Assessing the nuclear level impacts upon exposure to Bispyribac–sodium and Carbosulfan in Poecilia reticulata and Aplocheilus parvus
G. K. Achini W. Fernando, Sevvandi Jayakody, W. M. H. Kelum Wijenayake, Gawrie N. L. Galappaththy, Mangala Yatawara, R. D. Jeevanie Harishchandra 23(1):85-93 Full Text [PDF] 

Heavy metal contamination status in seven fish species from reservoirs of Polonnaruwa district, Sri Lanka
Hiran Wijesinghe, F. Sumaiya Idroos, Pathmalal M. Manage 23(1):95-104 Full Text [PDF] 

Biomarker responses of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) exposed to polluted water from Kelani river basin, Sri Lanka: Implications for biomonitoring river pollution
K. M. Ruvinda, Asoka Pathiratne 23(1):105-117 Full Text [PDF] 

Microbial and chemical quality of selected dried fish varieties available in Sri Lankan market
P. H. Ginigaddarage, I. H. W. Surendra, W. K. S. R. Weththewa, K. W. S. Ariyawansa, G. J. Ganegama Arachchi, B. K. K. K. Jinadasa, K. S. Hettiarachchi, E. M. R. K. B. Edirisinghe 23(1):119-126 Full Text [PDF] 

Short Communications
Length-based variations in deposition of chitin in the exoskeleton of Penaeus monodon and P. indicus
Bimba R. Wickramasinghe, P. Ruchira T. Cumaranatunga 23(1):127-132 Full Text [PDF]