Volume 20 - Issue 2

Impact of introduction of culture-based fisheries on fish production and socio-economic conditions of fishers in Ampara wewa, a medium perennial reservoir.

 K.B. Chandrani Pushpalatha*,  Jayantha Chandrasoma, W.M.J. Rohitha Fernando

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Co–management of the fishery of Senanayake Samudra, a large perennial reservoir in Sri Lanka

W.M.J. Rohitha Fernando*,Jayantha Chandrasoma, K.B. Chandrani Pushpalatha , Mahinda Kulathilaka

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Diurnal variation in the feeding patterns and food preferences of Dwarf panchax (Aplocheilus parvus)

G.K.A.W Fernando*, S. Jayakody, W.M.H.K. Wijenayake, G.N.L. Galappaththy,  M. Yatawara,  R.D.J. Harishchandra, W.M.T.B. Wanninayake,  S.L. Deniyage

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Assessment of water pollution status in Uma Oya, Sri Lanka.

K.A.W.S. Weerasekara*, A.A.D. Amarathunga, R.R.A.R. Shirantha,  N. Sureshkumar, W.D.N. Wickramaarachchi, S.A.M. Azmy

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Fish offal based aqua-feed for rearing post-larvae of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

M.H.S. Ariyaratne ,  Ruchira Amaraweera

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Growth, survival and immune responses of juvenile common carp Cyprinus carpio fed with diets enriched with α- tocopheryl acetate.

M.G.I.S. Parakrama , P.P.M. Heenatigala

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Community structure of zooplankton and trophic status of some inland reservoirs in the low country intermediate zone of Sri Lanka.

S.M.A.I. Sangakkara,  M.J.S. Wijeyaratne  

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